About Us

Patrick Jones, our company’s owner, first became interested in the glass industry in 1985. He began working at a glass company in a small town called Opelousas, located in central Louisiana. Eventually, he decided to move his family to Houston, Texas in hopes of better opportunities. While in Houston, Patrick established his own company that specialized in various types of automotive glass repair and replacement. Through lots of hard work and many sacrifices, the business grew and became the foundation for the incorporation of residential and commercial glasswork.

Patrick is extremely proud of the advancements he has made in his career thus far and is thankful for great technicians who honor the core values his company stands behind each and every day. Those core values include:

  • > Dependability

  • > Integrity

  • > Quality

  • > Customer satisfaction

D & C Glass Company operates behind the motto, “Our responsibility is to make customer satisfaction the priority”.